350ltr 1 Man Delivery WaterFed Pole System Brand New X-Tank – From Xline Systems


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Brand Xline Systems
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PLEASE NOTE – THESE PHOTOS ARE PRODUCT PLACEMENT ONLY AND CAN SHOW EITHER THE 350LTR, 500LTR OR 750LTR ONE OR TWO MAN SYSTEMS WITH ADDITIONAL ADD ONS. 350ltr 1 Man Delivery System: • 350ltr Upright Baffled X-Tank • Heavy Duty Frame secured to vehicles chassis • 1 x Xline Digital Controller • 1 x Xline 100psi Pumps • Split Battery Charge Relay • 110 amp hour Leisure Battery • External Van Ports • All Pipe work & Fittings • 1 years manufacturer’s warranty • Full Training • TDS Meter This complete system can be delivered direct to you for self installation, or you can arrange to have us complete the full installation. We also manufacture a complete range of water fed poles, brushes, reels & hose. We can also supply protective waterproof paint, water fed pole tubes/holders and brackets to secure free standing reels during transit. Water Filtration Options Available in 3 different tank sizes to suit different vehicle payloads and working requirements. Delivery Unit No onboard water filtration Ideal for people who pre-filter their water via a static system. D/I Unit Water Deionisation Unit 11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in soft water areas (below 100ppm TDS), or for people who need lower volumes of pure water. R/O Unit 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration 2 x 20″ Pre-Filters, 40″ Low Pressure R/O Membrane, 11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in hard water areas (above 100ppm TDS), lower running costs and less maintenance. 1 or 2 Man Setups Single or double controllers & pumps to accommodate 1 or 2 WFP operators. 1 Operator Single controller & pump 2 Operators Dual controllers & pumps Front or side controller fixing points Allows you to operate the system via the vehicles side door or from the back of the vehicle. Hot or Cold Water Options Add an optional Gas or Diesel hot water unit to your X-Tank System. Gas Hot Water Cheaper than a gas unit, but with higher running costs. Temperature will fluctuate during use. External exhaust or flume required. Gas bottle will need manually replacing once empty. Diesel Hot Water Available with either 5.5kw or 9.9kw diesel burners for either 1 or 2 operators to work all day at a constant set temperature. Optional Lower running costs, more efficient & safer compared to gas hot water systems. Small Footprint + Integrated Components Specifically designed to house all the electrical & filtration components within the tank itself. We did this in order to reduce the overall footprint of the system and to reduce the risk of components getting damaged during everyday use. Easily Fits into most vans. Designed to easily slide between a vehicles wheel arches. More space for other equipment Because these systems utilize a smaller footprint compared to other systems on the market, you can carry more equipment with you. Weight saving Due to the design, these systems are lighter than other systems out there, mainly due to how all the components are fixed directly to the tank itself, so no need for heavy metal fixing plates or wrap around frames.

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